Earned, Not Given

Earned, Not Given

Every great reward worth obtaining in life is earned, not given.

"Earned, Not Given" is a foundational philosophy that I first established on my Junior Varsity volleyball team, and now I will be implementing this idea with my Junior Varsity girls basketball team as we begin playing the first games of our season this week. 

 I believe that this is something that follows you off the court into your everyday life as well. This is the concept of all things being earned, and never given to you. For my teams, that includes the following:

1.     Respect

2.     Positions

3.     Playing time

4.     Winning

The great thing about understanding this simple idea is that no one can take away what you’ve earned. It is the most satisfying feeling you could ever have, and it comes from the result of your own hard work and discipline. The biggest problem you face when things are just given to you, without you earning them, is that they can easily be taken away. There is also no satisfaction in simply being given something because that means that you may or may not be qualified, and no matter what, you will always be left with the fleeting feeling of an undeserved accomplishment.

What are the best examples of things that are earned and not given?

Four time All-American, WNBA Champion, Edutainer and Coach