BasketballCandice Wiggins

The Player Coach Series

BasketballCandice Wiggins
The Player Coach Series

The modern hooper is in an interesting dilemma nowadays. The way the game is evolving, and with the aid of technology and excessive innovation that is driving an exponential growth of knowledge and immediate content and feedback, players have to find more and more ways to stand out from the competition in order to accomplish their goals.

Coaching has also evolved; old strategies and techniques are becoming transformed, erased and replaced by a new wave of youthful influence, as a result of our social media obsessed society that values instant flash and endless glamour. Another thing that is happening, is a greater understanding/appreciation of the role that the coach plays in regards to the success of a particular team. As a recently retired professional athlete-turned-coach, I understand this concept in a more complete way than I understood as a former player. It is my goal to share this unique insight in order to inspire and inject a new way of thinking into the modern game of basketball.

In my opinion, this movement is headed in only one direction, and that is of the "Player Coach". 

The Player Coach

The "Player Coach" is a basketball player who identifies as a player, but also identifies as their own coach. The player coach takes a very specific mental approach to the game, and most of all is self-aware. The player coach is also one who values strategy and can understand the broader picture of how to effectively lead a team to successful victory. Anyone can become a player coach with careful attention, time, and discipline. This is a skill that must be built over time, and the only way that you can become a player coach is if you are committed to the long process. 

The benefits of taking a player coach approach to the game are obvious, but I believe the greatest benefit is that you will no longer be at the mercy of any coach. Even if you love your coach and have the best coach in the world, you should still take this approach. If you happen to be playing for a coach that you absolutely don't get along with or disagree with, then this is definitely the series for you, as we are stressing an independent way of thinking about your own personal development.   

You can't blame everything on the coach.

There are no more excuses as to why you aren't effective on the team if you possess the ability to self-reflect and self-edit. This player coach series will introduce a new way of thinking for the new age baller.

This is about thinking the game. Not wondering what you’re going to do, but KNOWING what you’re going to do. This is for fine-tuning the skills that you already possess. This is the basic knowledge that you must have if you want to have more authority when you play.

Get ready to lace up a new pair of shoes and put on a different hat. You're a Player Coach now.


Four time All-American, WNBA Champion, Edutainer and Coach