Candice Wiggins
Candice Wiggins

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Since the conclusion of her debut WNBA season in 2008, Candice Wiggins has served as a keynote speaker to a variety of public and private organizations, including the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. With a background in Communication and a cerebral speaking flair, the retired WNBA star connects with her audience on an intellectual and emotional level. Sincere and passionate in her delivery, Wiggins intuitively creates a personal bridge to the heart and mind of those who hear her speak about the many life lessons she has learned—both on and off the court.

Having been a four-time collegiate All-American in basketball at Stanford, as well as a domestic and international World Champion at the professional level, Wiggins’ expertise lies predominately in the fields of sports, with a special interest in leadership and conflict resolution, how to effectively battle bullying, and positive decision making in the form of life choices. As someone who has experienced various degrees of isolation throughout her life, the educator and coach understands that the journey one takes through life is greater than any destination they reach. Because she tragically lost her father, Major League Baseball star Alan Wiggins, at a young age to AIDS in 1991, she holds an eternal perspective that most people cannot perceive, and she speaks passionately about seeing and understanding the big picture in life. 

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"Candice is the epitome of the true scholar athlete of character. She is a dual sport athlete who inspires others through her hard work and compassion. She is a fierce competitor and knows what it takes to win, but character comes first for Candice! She has great passion for the game and her teammates love to play with her. One of the most decorated athletes in women’s basketball, Candice is a true leader who strives for excellence.  She reaches out to others and takes advantage of all life has to offer. Candice was simply a dream for me to coach."

Terri Bamford, Head Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, La Jolla Country Day School

[Candice is] an eager participant, revealing a true passion for literary investigations and for the ways in which an author’s life experiences explode on the page. [She] amazes me with her energy and her willingness to commit herself fully to every endeavor. 

Deborah Shaul, English Teacher, La Jolla Country Day School

"A wildly charismatic competitor, Candice had a special gift to raise the confidence of all those around her. She is that once in a lifetime force that compels you to level up."

Ozhan Bahrambeygui, COAST Volleyball Club Owner

"Candice: A gifted basketball player who displayed her most extraordinary qualities off the court." 

Clayborne Carson, Martin Luther King, Jr. Centennial Professor of History, Stanford University