Candice Wiggins
Candice Wiggins

The Candice Wiggins Scholarship Foundation

We believe in the power of equal opportunity

The Candice Wiggins Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit foundation fund that helps aid one student in San Diego to pursue their dreams of attending La Jolla Country Day School. Each year, beginning in the fall, a special young girl will be chosen through an essay writing competition, which will continue through until the springtime when the recipient will be announced.


A Word From Candice Wiggins:


"It is my hope that we can provide qualified students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds the opportunity to receive an outstanding education, and become well prepared for college and life beyond school. I have personally been a recipient of financial assistance during my five years at La Jolla Country Day, and I can say without a hesitation that my time at this school has become the solid foundation to my adult life. I became empowered immediately upon arrival in eighth grade, and it was then I learned how to set goals for myself. The most rewarding part about attending La Jolla Country Day is the freedom you are granted to figure out who you are and who you really want to become in this world, with no distractions. Without the opportunities presented to me through financial support, I would not have had the chance to develop into the accomplished woman I am today. I want to make sure that I can help as many young girls get the same opportunity and experience that I was afforded, and that is the reason I have created the Candice Wiggins Scholarship Foundation."


For more information on how to make a tax-deductible contribution to the Candice Wiggins Scholarship Foundation, or to begin the essay submission process, please feel free to contact us.