Week Five-Day 9: 12/15

Week Five-Day 9: 12/15

Today we focused a majority of the work on upper body, giving my legs some time to recover from the intense workout we did on Tuesday.

What was most sore following my previous workout?

Before I get to today’s workout, I think it’s important to address my sore spots from Tuesday.

I found that the day following the previous workout I was most sore in my tibialis anterior, which is the muscle right below the knee, also known as your shins. I was also very sore in my vmo muscle, which is the lower quad muscle right above the knee. (see images above)

Above all, I probably felt the most sore in my iliotibial tract band, also known as the IT band, which is a thick band of fascia on the lateral aspect of the knee. It stretches across the entire length of your leg and plays an extremely important part to the entire functioning of your leg strength.

My IT band was most sore after the next couple of days following my work on Week 5, Day 8.

My IT band was most sore after the next couple of days following my work on Week 5, Day 8.

Overall I was happy to feel this muscle soreness, as it tells me that I’m building strength in the muscle groups that are most critical to shock absorption, which is my fitness goal throughout this entire process.


In order to make a full recovery from Tuesday, I had to enlist the help of some of my favorite remedies: ice bath, foam rolling, and kinesio tape. I strongly encourage you to do the same if you are experiencing deep tissue muscle soreness.

Warm Up

This part of the workout today was very important, and we did a series of squats, lunges, side shuffling and backward shuffling in order to fully warm up and get those muscles I mentioned earlier firing. After this we were ready to start the hardest part of the day, which consisted primarily of upper body work.

Pyramid Push Ups

In this drill, Coach Jason had me build up to 5 pushups, starting from 1, and then hold in between each set.

So the way this works is I would do one pushup and then hold—when Coach Jason said “go” I would then do two pushups and then hold. So on and so forth until I build up to five pushups. This is a total of 15 pushups.

After that, I worked my way back down, starting from five and ending with one. You can watch the second part of this exercise below:

In this drill, the key is to maintain solid form and to keep your back as straight as possible. You also want to get as deep as you possibly can on each pushup. These can be quite challenging, and in the future I want to build up to being able to do the entire pyramid without resting in between.


I also did a set of dips in order to focus on my triceps. For basketball players, I have found that the tricep muscle is probably the most critical one for us.

Getting my tricep muscle activated through dips

Getting my tricep muscle activated through dips

Step Ups

This exercise was crucial for isolating the muscles in my quads. To do this drill, I just used a curb and lowered my opposite leg onto the sand.

The key is to sit back and use your gluteal muscles and quadriceps to do all the work. It is also important that you do not use too high of a ledge for your step ups—it should be about the distance of a curb because you are looking to get a nice, short range of motion.

Hamstring Stretch to Knee Drive

This was the last lower body exercise I did today, emphasizing range of motion and keeping balance throughout the entire drill.

The key in this exercise is to not go too fast, you want to feel it in both your hamstring and also in your hips and gluteal muscles as well.

Maxed-Out Medley

After doing multiple reps of pull ups and pushups, I was pretty exhausted in my arms. Nonetheless, Coach Jason had me end the day by maxing out on both pull ups, pushups, step ups and squats.

In this maxed-out medley, I did 20 pull ups, 18 push ups, and finished the exercise with 25 step ups on each leg. After this I did 50 squats. On the squats, I made sure to focus on sitting back as low as possible, and I also picked up the tempo, going fast while maintaining control.

Today was a great day for me, considering the soreness in my lower body. I was still able to get some good work in, especially in my upper body.

Coach Jason LA

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