Week Five-Day 8: 12/11

Week Five-Day 8: 12/11

Today was partner day again as I was joined by Kenny and introduced to a new set of competitive drills by Coach Jason.

Dynamic warm-up Stretching

Walking Hamstring

I have noticed that this particular active stretch has helped both my flexibility and strength at the same time.

Doing this I’m making sure that every move comes exclusively from my core, and even when activating my muscles through dynamic stretching I’m working on control of motion.

“W” Backpedal

In this drill we focused on changing our direction and keeping our feet under us by chop stepping running backwards and then transitioning (staying low) into a full speed sprint.

When you watch the video you will see that in the first set I do not do a very good job of transitioning quickly. In the second set you see that I slip (oops), and then finally you will see in the third set that I get it almost perfectly right for the first time doing the drill. This is certainly something I will keep tracking, and you should, too!


Kenny and I really challenged each other today, and got after it in a series of racing drills done on the grass. The following drills are more football focused, and I had a difficult time moving quickly on the grass, but that is the greatest aspect of this challenge in my opinion.

Football Focused

Chop Steps

In these drills I was overmatched against Kenny, a running back who has years of skill advantage on me. That’s ok, I still competed against him and thanked him for the challenge. Here I am focusing on my footwork being as quick as possible—I have to really work to stutter step and chop at each cone so that my feet move faster.

Get Up And Go

In this series of racing drills, Kenny and I literally had to get up off the ground from a flat, lying down position, and then get to their cone faster than the other person. At this point and juncture it was “game on”, as far as the competitive vibe for which we were all going. And compete we did, as you can watch below:

If you can watch in the last sets of these, where we are getting up from laying down facing down, you will notice that while I get beat pretty badly the first time, I end up doing far better in the second set.

This is what training is all about—being better than you were in your previous set.

This has long been a staple philosophy of mine while training to be at my fittest and I will always keep this.

Basketball Centered

After we got that field footwork in, we moved to the basketball court to really pump up the competition and cardio challenges. We started with a familiar drill in the mirror drill we did last week, but this time we started by doing defensive slides.

Defensive Slide Mirror Drill

This was challenging, and in this video you get a clear vision of how much I improved from the first set to the second set. The way I was able to find fast success was because the second time around I focused simply on keeping Kenny’s waist in front of me at all times, and that sharper focus made all the difference.

Running/Racing Mirror Drill

This was the same drill we did last week, and so we were prepared to perform better at this task. We both got significantly better, and eventually had to become more unpredictable with our cutting movements. Even though I slipped, I was able to recover and keep up with Kenny.

Box Drill

This is the same box drill we did last time as well, and this time Coach Jason expanded the box a little wider. I like this drill because it mimics on the court in basketball when you are playing defense, and in fact I used that exact idea in order to motivate me throughout this drill. I found great success this week doing this drill, and I am ecstatic about the results of this hard work, because this drill is hard work.

In the second set you will see that I concentrate on exclusively defensive slides. By the third set, I am doing a combination of dynamic movements, running forward, sideways, and sliding when I get to the tennis ball. This last rep really felt like I would be in a basketball game, up against a 24 second shot clock.

Back to Basketball

The ultimate test of my cardio came at the end when Coach Jason had us go through a series of exercises that were very familiar to me.

Full court movement

In this drill, we did two sets, in the first set we took a total of 6 shots; in the second set we doubled up, taking a series of 12 shots.

Half court shooting

We finished the day by doing my favorite transition shooting drill. Going both left and right, I pushed myself hard. Whatever was left in my tank by the end of this very strenuous workout, I put all of it into this drill, concentrating on making every single shot.

All in all, it was a tremendously successful day. Both Kenny and I felt like we had made great strides and look forward to facing each other again soon.

Coach Jason LA

For more information about my (accountability) Coach Jason and how you may contact him, visit his website www.coachjasonla.com 

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