Week Four-Day 6: 12/3

Week Four-Day 6: 12/3

Today we assessed my progress when it comes to shock absorption: the main ingredient of this entire process for me. You can see how well I’ve improved when it comes to take off and landing from my hurdle jumps, and how much more power it gives my entire body.

Shock absorption is the name of the game.

This is all about getting low and using/engaging all the muscles in my legs, and I tried to keep my knees happy throughout all the drills.

Also, I worked on back-peddling as well as sprinting uphill, which is a mental battle in itself. For focus, I worked on driving my knees as swiftly as I could, with maximum explosion. Watch some of the drills/exercises below:

(Warm Up) Hurdle Jumps

In this drill I was able to track my shock absorption progress by seeing how much better I land and take off this time around. If you look back to Day 1, you will see a drastic difference. That just comes from focusing and practicing religiously on my form throughout these drills. It also comes from building more muscle on my legs so that I can sit back and rely on my lower body power.

I’ll keep tracking my progress on this exercise, and you should too, if you are concerned with shock absorption.

Hurdle Jumps with Lateral Jumps

In this drill, we added another movement—jumping laterally. If you watch the first set, my feet are too narrow for the takeoff and landing. I correct it in the next set, keeping my feet wider apart. This is a drill that I want to get better at and will be tracking for the future.

Lateral Long Jumps

In this drill, I maxed out my jumping energy by taking off and landing at four cones, which were a good distance apart from each other. The key that I focused on during this exercise was keeping my feet perfectly forward and not changing my posture jumping at the different angles.

Back-peddling Uphill

This was very difficult, but beneficial to my gluteal muscles and especially my hamstrings, 2 muscles that are very critical to preserving the health of my knees. Here I am focusing on keeping my shoulders above my toes and maintaining a low posture the entire time. Back-peddling uphill, and then running downhill, focusing on control the whole way.

Uphill Sprints

This was difficult for me, and the challenge came from maintaining my form while running uphill. Namely, I focused on my knee drives and making sure that I was quick with the turnover. Breathing also came into play, as I would only get rest while walking down the hill. This was the first time that I’ve really started focusing on recovery, and I kept track of my heartbeat throughout the drill to see how fast I could recover with each sprint. I was pleased with my recovery in this, but as always, there’s certainly room to be better.

Oh but wait, we weren’t done…

Four Corners Drill

This drill has many names, and can be executed in different ways. Due to the way it reminds me of a modified version of one the hardest drills I used to do for basketball when I was a young girl, I’m calling this the four corners (cone) drill. The idea in this drill is to remain as low and explosive as possible. Of course the real challenge is that this is the last drill I did today, so I have to focus on not allowing my muscles to shut down when they would definitely like to.

This drill requires both discipline and maximum effort.

Overall, today was a very good day for me, and I already feel like a completely new person in only 4 short weeks! I attribute a lot of my success to finding the right coach for me, who not only understands my fitness goals, but also how I may achieve them.

Coach Jason LA

For more information about my (accountability) Coach Jason and how you may contact him, visit his website www.coachjasonla.com 

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