Week Four-Day 7: 12/8

Week Four-Day 7: 12/8

On this day, we were able to gage how much I have improved on technique following up from our work on BALANCE and POWER a month ago. (See Week One-Day 2: 11/9) for reference.

Warm Up Squats

Before I started getting to work today, which consisted of a lot of balancing drills, I wanted to get a good look at my squat form. The key for me is to sit back into each squat and focus on controlling the movement so that my knee stays over my toes.

When doing this, my knees want to go all over the place, so it takes focus to execute even the simplest looking exercise. In order to stay as strong and powerful as possible, I have to work using my core and gluteal muscles to train this movement

Rope Slams

Remembering back to week 1, I really wanted to do a better job today of perfecting this technique and to see how much I have improved from the first time. In this clip, you can get a good idea of how I’m stronger, more comfortable with this move and have more range of motion.

The key here is to raise your arms as high as you can above your head and then to slam down with the most force you can muster. In this clip I am doing 10, but today I ended up doing 100+ rope slams in total, making sure that as I got more fatigued, I maintained form and posture. Looking at the video, for next time I want to make sure that I’m a little lower in my stance, but other than that I like my form throughout.


I have to say that after each set of these rope slams I was feeling it throughout my entire body, like an inner explosion of strength that was actually pretty overwhelming. So overwhelming, in fact, that after each set I had to walk around and really rest in order to recover. I’ve never felt like that before throughout my entire career of playing sports, and that’s a great feeling.

Now that I have the technique down, I can really feel the force building inside, and these rope slams come highly recommended if you’re looking for untapped power inside yourself.

Kettle Bell Squat Thrusts

In this drill, Coach Jason did not have me superset it with throws like we did last month. Instead I did this drill for time, trying to maintain good form and posture throughout each set.

You can see in the second set I lifted to my toes to get the maximum power throughout my body. This is also an exercise that I want to get better at, and as much as I’ve progressed from the first time, there’s always room for improvement.

As I’m getting the hang of things, I’m looking to slowly amp everything up, moving to getting my body moving more dynamically through playing sports recreationally, and advancing to workouts on the basketball court for the new year.

Coach Jason LA

For more information about my (accountability) Coach Jason and how you may contact him, visit his website www.coachjasonla.com 

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