Week One-Day 1: 11/6

Week One-Day 1: 11/6

In my very first workout for the #physicalfitnessdiaries Coach Jason and I solidified the foundation we are trying to build by communicating our goals and concentrating specifically on agility.

Coach Jason and I after a great Day One!

My goals

Throughout this process I have several goals. Primarily, I want to specifically focus on shock absorption. After the 5 knee surgeries and achilles surgery I endured, I have a lot of joint pain in my knees. This has become a battle for a woman like me in her 30s. This also means that every exercise I do is about the landing and always building a solid foundation for impact.

Here is one drill that Coach Jason put me through in order to gage where I am:

Please understand that it’s okay to start wherever you are. In my case, I am not in great shape and so this is the first day to test where I am now; also to try to understand where I would like to be. It would not be smart to heap unrealistic expectations on myself, and I suggest that you do the same if you are planning to get serious about your physical fitness.

Accept where you are today!

Corrections to Improve

In this exercise I need to do a better job of absorbing the landing by using my quads and glutes to dip lower on my one legged landings. The next time I do this drill, I will focus on that key adjustment.

Who said hard work can’t be fun!?

The most fun part of my first day was Coach Jason introducing route running into the workout. The full basketball court is about 30 yards, so when I ran the route through the 30 yard line it was like sprinting in basketball. I love this type of cross training, and I look forward to incorporating more of this as we build for the future.

Some highlights from my route running:

Think this is pretty cool?

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