Week One-Day 2: 11/9

Week One-Day 2: 11/9

On this second day, we gaged how I was feeling physically while emphasizing balance and power.


Even though my legs were highly fatigued from my Tuesday day 1 workout, I started this second workout by concentrating on balance. Coach Jason put me through several jumping exercises in order to work on controlling the muscles around my joints. If you watch me work, I’m focusing all of my attention on keeping my knee above my toes at all times, not letting it dip inward.

One leg forward jumps

One leg lateral jumps

As you can see, I have a lot of work to do. But again, the theme this week is to accept where you are today. My shirt says “failure fuels fire”, and it was very fitting today. I look forward to getting better at these particular exercises.


Now on to power. Coach Jason explained to me that power doesn’t exclusively mean “strength”, as it is commonly thought. Power comes primarily from speed. So with that said, he put me through a series of exercises.

Rope Slams

Kettle Bell Thrusts & Throws (superset)

After I did a set of 15 kettle bell thrusts, I quickly followed up with 10 throws. This was exhausting, to say the least! But the whole time I just thought about the word of the day: POWER.

That concludes the first week! Stay around for the next vlog post which will be coming to you bi-weekly.

Coach Jason LA

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