Week Two-Day 3: 11/12

Week Two-Day 3: 11/12

On this day we focused primarily on agility and speed.

 At the beginning of this workout, my legs were very tired and fatigued from the previous Friday, so I made sure to stretch and warm up well before I started. Building speed, agility and power required me to push through the weaknesses and sharply concentrate on my form throughout each exercise. 

With an emphasis on agility, Coach Jason had me do the following exercises:

 1. Hurdle jumps into sprints

Here I focused on soft landing and transitioning from jumping into sprinting

 2. Two legged bounding

Here I worked on stretching as far and as high as I could while maintaining proper form, technique, and concentrating on landing and gathering with power and control. This is just baseline point; the next time I do this drill I will be able to track my individual progress.

3. One leg bounding

Here I repeated the same exercise with one leg, which is extremely challenging. Through it all, I focused on holding my proper form while also working on explosiveness by powering through each step. My next challenge will be building on this baseline foundation.

Be as great as you can be today.

 60-yard shuttle run

We concluded the workout by doing a series of short, quick, explosive sprints. This is called the 60-yard shuttle. You start by running to the 5 yard line and back, then to the 10 yard line and back, and finally to the 15 yard line and back for a combined total of 60 yards.

Run Like a pro

I timed myself for this sprint and clocked in at around 14 seconds. I was told the average time for an NFL player doing this drill is about 10-11 seconds, so I definitely want to work to shave off time from my initial run. The way I will do that is by staying even lower throughout the run and really exploding faster from the line as I change directions.


My homework for this week while I wait for the next workout will be to stretch and to frequently jog out the fatigue and soreness that I am experiencing from this workout.

Coach Jason LA

For more information about my (accountability) Coach Jason and how you may contact him, visit his website www.coachjasonla.com 

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