Week Six-Day 10: 12/18

Week Six-Day 10: 12/18

Today was all about max jumping, and Coach Jason added an additional degree of difficulty to the drills by making me jump uphill. The emphasis on everything was jumping as high as I could while focusing on a soft landing every time. All of this helps with shock absorption.

Warm Up

For warm up I did a low, slow and controlled side shuffle uphill (going both ways both up and down), and consequently I was already dripping sweat before the real work even began! Again, it is very important that I activate all the muscles in my legs, specifically my quadriceps, before getting into this intense workout, and I highly recommend that you do the same.

Uphill Jumps with Two Feet

When doing this exercise, each time I tried to be better—faster, more explosive and really focusing on speed and power. You will see a vast improvement during the second set.

Uphill Jumps with Weighted Ball

In this exercise I jumped with the weighted ball and then when I reached the top of the hill I threw it as far as I could.

This really forces you to be explosive and also use your power from your core.

Uphill Jumps On One Leg

This exercise in particular was difficult for me to master and it is definitely something at which I would like to get better. Next time I do this I will try to have more control and stability by getting down a little lower.

Side to Side Uphill Jumps

Jumping laterally in this drill, I did a really good job of self-correcting throughout. While doing this, I was emphasizing high knee drives while simultaneously executing a soft landing each time.

These exercises jumping uphill were very challenging, in a good way. I could feel the difference it made in how I land and if you want to do some drills that will help you with shock absorption, I strongly recommend giving this a try.

Trunk Twist Throws

This exercise was short, but not simple. The idea is to focus on your core, and executing a soft landing but also focusing on turning your trunk in the air.

This is great two in one kind of work that is not only good for your core, but also for coordination.

Angle Jumps to Sprint

In this drill I focused on staying low, springy, and having a quick turnover from jumping to sprinting.

By far I felt the best after doing this particular exercise. After a long series of jumping I was at peak form, in terms of power.

One Foot Jumps to Sprint

Broad Hurdle Jumps Uphill

In this exercise, the rhythm is important to understand. The way the hurdles are set up, you have to take a long jump, then a quick short jump, and then a series of back to back long jumps. (So the series goes: long jump, short jump, long jump, long jump; a total of 4 jumps).

I loved working on this, and the key is to focus on the rhythm as well as stretching yourself. Coach Jason kept moving the hurdles farther apart as I progressed through this drill, making it increasingly more challenging.

Four Corners Box Drill

Finally, when I was nice and fatigued, I did a set of the four corners box drill, focusing all my energy and attention on staying low and going as quickly as possible. To make this more challenging, Coach Jason added resistance to all my movements, which caused a lot of fatigue that I had to fight through until the end.

Even though I feel I have improved drastically with this drill and feel like I’m moving much faster than before, I still feel as though I can get better at this and will focus on sitting down even lower for next time.

All in all it was a very successful day of work, and the best part was that I felt refreshed and reenergized for the new week.

Coach Jason LA

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