Week Two-Day 4: 11/16

Week Two-Day 4: 11/16

Today the theme was resistance, and we worked to continue building a foundation for the future.



Before I even got started, I was still pretty sore from the previous workout, and so I made sure to stretch before I got started. This IT Band stretch shown above was specifically the muscles that were most sore, so I made sure that I got these muscles activated.

Warming up

Warming up today was all about firing up the muscles and engaging them so that they are ready to work. A walking lunge drill works well for an active warm-up.

Broad jumping

Building from last week, I tested to see how far I could broad jump in 4 jumps. This was done as a baseline test to see where I am today and where I want to build from. Today I jumped 11 yards in 4 jumps. I was going for 12, but fell short 1 yard. Now from this point when I do this drill I have an idea of where I started.

Sled Running

Now that I’m warmed up I was ready to do a series of sprints, both forward and backpedaling. The key for me here with the resistance running was to drive my knees up and use my core to drive my hips and explode off the ground.

Four Corners Drill

This drill is most like basketball drills that I’m used to doing my entire life. Keeping the distance short, the focus here was concentrating on changing directions as quickly as possible and keeping a low stance throughout the drill.

Resistance Running

By far this was the most difficult drill of the day. By the time I got to the end of resistance day, it was time to conquer this drill. The key for me was to maintain a low posture throughout the entire drill and focus on controlling my highly fatigued muscles. This is where you can really build, but it is mentally challenging.

Side Shuffle with Resistance

This was an extension of the previous drill except side shuffling down and back. Again, the key is to maintain a low posture the whole time and powering through with the correct form. This drill was exhausting for me this week, but I look forward to doing it again and seeing how much better I get over the course of working on building my muscles up.

Today was a great day building power and speed through resistance.

Coach Jason LA

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