SD Rising Stars Vs. Hardwork (2000)

The first video of the #IceClassics series comes from the year 2000, when I played in one of the biggest games of my career, against our San Diego rivals Hardwork. 

This game was played on February 13th, 2000, the day before my 13th birthday.

Watch what happens when I get subbed in at the 3:30 mark. No matter what your position is on a team, you can always make an impact!

It was on this team and around this time in my life that I learned that the skills and advantages I possessed had nothing to do with my gender identity, and everything to do with the character that I possessed as a result of all the countless hours I spent obsessively working on my game. From playing with these boys I was able to learn why it is the ultimate compliment to be told you #PlayLikeAGirl. 

Four time All-American, WNBA Champion, Edutainer and Coach