Candice Wiggins

Tomboy Chic on The Price Is Right

Candice Wiggins
Tomboy Chic on The Price Is Right

What I wore in my once in a lifetime moment as a contestant on The Price Is Right was everything I needed to not only stand out from the crowd, but also to feel comfortably and authentically me.

In with the old

The best news about this outfit is that it is literally old news; meaning, this was a collection of very old items that I remixed together for a fresh new look. This is something that I strongly suggest for those who maybe don’t have the time or money to afford an entire new wardrobe.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 5.16.41 PM.png

The way you can pull off an eye-popping ensemble is by being creative with your clothing. In order to execute this you must think of an outfit as a three-dimensional artwork piece, and your individual style is reflected by your inner artist. I wanted to look and feel sporty chic, so I made sure that the luxe top I chose was appropriately balanced by the sneakers. Comfortable and classic is the way I would describe this simple dress code.

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Speaking of dress code, when you’re sitting in the studio audience for the show, there is a very specific dress code that you must follow. You’re free to wear what you like, but what you decide to put on is definitely the aspect that most determines whether or not the cameras will choose you to come down to the stage and appear on television. With this in mind, I took careful consideration for what I chose to wear, and I was pleased to see how my outfit of choice paid off in the biggest way.

What I wore

Dark red velour hoodie from Juicy couture

Black Jeggings from Long Tall Sally

Hot pink Air Force Ones from Nike


Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 5.35.52 PM.png

Besides great energy, the main accessory for my entire look was how I wore my hair. In fact, my hair was what inspired my clothing choices.

My episode was shot the day before my birthday on February 14, so I was feeling festive for Valentine’s Day. I decided to line my two cornrows in the front with different beads of red, pink and purple. The look reminded me of little candies and I really adored this look.

Missed my appearance? Catch the episode on! Look for Season 47, Episode 118!

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