Tomboy Chic With Cleats

Tomboy Chic With Cleats

My mother told me a story about how when he was a little boy, my father's family was too poor to buy both baseball cleats and shoes for school—they could only afford one pair. But he loved playing baseball so much, his father bought him baseball cleats, and he bravely and fearfully chose to wear them to school everyday. When he first wore them, everyone thought he was odd; but to the boys on the baseball team it was an immediate hit. It became such the cool thing to do that some of the boys started wearing their cleats to school too, just like young Alan Wiggins.

This new style I’m introducing is all for you, dad. #AGraySpot #TheOdysseyofAlanWiggins 

The Inspiration:

The Look:


Think: Jerseys, Skirts, & Cleats all on the same team.


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