Life SpiritCandice Wiggins

Gratitude and Forgiveness

Life SpiritCandice Wiggins
Gratitude and Forgiveness

I been humble. I sat down.

And now, I get back up and go at it again.

This is the innate notion and nature of gratitude and forgiveness, and I invite you to accept my definition of what this means as you are climbing success in your lives.


Gratitude gives your soul and spirit the proper rest it needs in order to rejoice for the gift of salvation. When you are grateful, you are peaceful and patient, because you know that you do not deserve anything that you are given, but somehow, the Lord (the God you believe in) has never taken it from you.


Forgiveness begins first with yourself, because you are least deserving of it before anyone else on earth. That is the attitude you must adopt with this, or else you may never achieve the protection that exclusively comes to a peaceful conscience. 

Once you have forgiven yourself (and you yourself have been forgiven), you are free to forgive others as freely as you have been forgiven. You will find a renewed sense of stability that only comes from the humility of these acts. This cycle never ends; and just like gratitude, forgiveness should be a daily habit you develop and build within your own spirit.

These two feelings may also be classified as joy.

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