Weaknesses Become Strengths

Weaknesses Become Strengths

Drills, drills, drills.

That is primarily the easiest way for your weaknesses to become strengths

"Weaknesses become strengths" was the rallying call for my JV girls volleyball team for the majority of the season, and it paid great dividends for us.

As a Coach

Your job is to identify all the various weaknesses that your team possess and operate the change by developing the proper drills to implement in practice.

As a Player

Your job is to understand the philosophy behind each drill and identify the purpose as it pertains to the team and to you as an individual. If you do not understand, it is highly important that you communicate this to the coach, and also refer to the leaders of your team for additional support and assistance.

This must become a team commitment, and it is up to the individuals to hold themselves accountable in order for this transformative evolution to take place. As a coach, you must DEMAND this effort from your team!

The results will undoubtedly be a revised team culture, and one that especially contains one consistently key ingredient to success: newfound confidence.

Four time All-American, WNBA Champion, Edutainer and Coach