Week Three-Day 5: 11/27

Week Three-Day 5: 11/27

The word of the day for the start of Week 3 was reaction and every drill we did emphasized this.

Reaction: An action performed or a feeling experienced in response to a situation or event.


Today, Kenny challenged me to be my very best.

Today, Kenny challenged me to be my very best.

Importance of a partner

Coming back from a week off of fitness activity, today was a lot easier for me with a partner (today my partner is Kenny). Kenny and I were able to push each other, and also we were able to rest in between sets for a boost of motivation and endurance. Kenny plays the running back position in football and thus has a different set of goals than me as a basketball player, who primarily plays the shooting guard position. We were able to put our goals together during this workout by the direction of drills from Coach Jason.

Challenge Through Competition

This gives you the greatest gage of whether you are maximizing your physical fitness potential.

Defensive slides with resistance

Coach Jason incorporated fun in this difficult exercise by making a game out of knocking the tennis balls out of the box.

Notice that during the second set, I fall tripping on a crack, but I get back up and finish the drill! That is important not only when you are practicing skills, but also for the times you may fall in life.

Chase Games

In these series of drills, Kenny and I reacted to one another, trying to tag the other before we crossed the cones ahead. This required us both to be low, explosive, and spend all of our maximum speed.

In this drill, neither one of us was able to tag the other person.

Circle Tag

Similar as the previous drill, here we had to follow the other around a circle of cones and tag the person before they made it around. Helping our reaction and explosiveness turning a corner.

In this drill, both of us tagged the other person.

Offense/Defense Shadow

We finished our competition drills by shadowing each other down the sideline of the basketball court, being a complete mirror for the other. I started on defense (naturally), which I believe to be harder than offense in this specific drill, as you must follow the timing of your partner. Kenny and I really challenge one another here, and we were really able to put it all together in terms of the reaction theme for the day.

Overall, a good first day back from the break!

Coach Jason LA

For more information about my (accountability) Coach Jason and how you may contact him, visit his website www.coachjasonla.com 


I wanted to briefly mention the following soreness that I experienced after this workout, in these particular muscles:

  • hip flexors

  • groin

  • hamstrings

I would highly recommend stretching both before and after completing activities such as these drills and exercises.

Four time All-American, WNBA Champion, Edutainer and Coach